After 9/11 How We and The World Teach It


There have been some very interesting comments this week about how the world teaches the events of 9/11 . There’s a great article  from Boston’s WBUR station by a Tufts Graduate Student you can see HERE. Just as importantly, how we’re teaching it at home makes one really think of the consequences as in this aritcle from the Pittsburgh Post Gazette HERE.   On radio, there has been much discussion about how in Texas some school districts barely mention the event. The main reason for this is that they don’t know how.

And before you say we better hurry up and think of something because we must never forget, I am reminded of the woman on NPR’s This American Life, who’s husband died at the World Trade Center and said the only way she can move on is if she forgets. I’m sure she’s not wrong. It’s an interesting debate, and when you read how the rest of the world treats this, you may wish to spread the word that we must at least make it clear for those who do need to share. Peace.

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